Why Trade Marketing & Trade Engagement is an important part of any brands marketing mix?

Nov 21
The 5 Ps of marketing are even more important today than ever before. Manufacturing is becoming easy and replication of ideas is rampant. So when your product innovation & relevance to short lived, what can you rely on in the medium to long term?? Trade & Channel Partners are a

Relationships Are Important, But Do You Have The Time To Manage Them?

Mar 03
We all have relationships. Some more than others. Relationships are important to us in many ways. Depending on the country and culture, relationships could be managed in many ways In some cultures and organisations there are many different sets of relationships that are managed in parallel. Some sets may be

Trade and Travel Agency Engagement Programs for Travel Related Companies

Mar 01
The primary trade partners for travel related companies are travel agents Travel agents are the target of various travel service providers including Airlines Hotels Travel facilitation partners Interpreters Guides Ground transportation Excursion agents Technology providers Other service providers like travel insurance, foreign exchange and phone cards Tourism promotion bodies Travel

Trade and Dealer Loyalty goes beyond rewards

Feb 28
Trade Partners and Dealers are part of the critical business path of several companies that use traditional distribution channel for sales Keeping trade and retail partners engaged is essential for the brand to keep itself top of mind with its distribution partners The key elements that build trade loyalty towards