Radii Rewards is part of the Kankei Group of Companies. The group has been providing customer engagement services since 1998. Kankei is headquartered in Mumbai (India) and has offices in multiple cities.

The group business units are

  1. Kankei – A Business Process Management firm focused on customer engagement and marketing service process outsourcing (www.kankei.com)
  2. ND Commerce – A Brand eCommerce Store Management company that serves several large corporations in India and manages their branded ecommerce on a fully outsourced basis (www.ndcommerce.in) with capability to manage brand ecommerce stores in India, Singapore, USA, China and Middle East
  3. Tiger Pug – A Cross Border eCommerce and Merchandise sourcing company with offices in India, China, USA and Singapore (www.tigerpug.com)
  4. Radii Rewards – A Trade Engagement and Loyalty program company headquartered in Mumbai with national service capability (www.radiirewards.com)

One objective – “serve customers with a focus on providing value combined with high levels of service, quality and integrity”