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Relationships Are Important, But Do You Have The Time To Manage Them?

We all have relationships. Some more than others. Relationships are important to us in many ways.

Depending on the country and culture, relationships could be managed in many ways

In some cultures and organisations there are many different sets of relationships that are managed in parallel. Some sets may be more important than others. In some cultures and organisations , relationships are not in different sets but reside within one set, all clearly defined and with the inner circle being the most important.

Culture 1

Culture 2

As a business too, depending on the organisation culture, relationships can vary

Organisation 1

Organisation 2

For any leader , there is a dual role. On one side there are a host of personal relationships to manage. On the other side the responsibility to lead the relationships and engagement for the organisation

Having established the types of relationships we have and having ranked them (mentally or actually) , we have to spend enough time (and money) to manage these relationships

QUESTION :  Do we really have the time to manage so many relationships and do justice to all of them?


We do not have the time to manage so many relationships. And with the huge number of communication channels now available, it is even more difficult to manage these.

Every organization needs to spend time and money on relationships. Whether it is to celebrate an employees birthday or to spend time with a distributor or to engage with the public.

Relationships Matter. And every organisation needs to recognize this. As a business or HR leader you could draw up a relationship planner with the target audience, initiatives and investment into these initiatives. Create and implement a plan on a sustained basis. Results may be intangible or invisible but they will show up on charts like employee retention, sales, referral business and more.

To know more about the types of relationship management and engagement programs that you can run with your distributors, channel partners,  employees, business influencers and key opinion leaders you can consult with Radii Rewards and get ideas. And Radii Rewards can help you implement many of these initiatives on an outsourced basis, thereby giving you the extra time to be able to focus on your core business

To know more please write to or visit www.radiirewards.comArticle Authored by Ajay Miglani


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