Reward Management

Our Rewards Management Services include creation and execution of reward and loyalty programs for channel partners, consumers and employees.

    Our role as a program manager –

  • Develop identity for the program through branding and communication
  • Member dialogue and communication management
  • Enhance levels of interactions
  • Provide valuable benefits and thereby build a differentiator and loyalty

Channel Loyalty

Corporates have, over time, understood the significance and merit in building strong relationships with their trade partners like dealers, distributors, retailers, sub-dealers, stockists, influencers and other pockets of trade customers. Rewards too have become an integral part of any loyalty and trade initiative.

Radii Rewards has championed the domain of channel rewards and has caught the pulse of what it takes to successfully engage with trade partners over an extended period of time. We take pride in transforming trade relationships from merely commercial to building supply chain assets through knowledge and engagement over an extended period of time.

    Key objectives of a channel reward program are –

  • Building, tracking and rewarding businesses
  • Efficiently merchandising and fulfilling rewards to the members
  • Ongoing communication with members to build engagement

Consumer Loyalty

The biggest challenge of any brand today is to drive consumers and build transactions with them repeatedly. A step further is to have them advocate your brand and become your brand ambassadors. Most marketers strive to create value for customers whilst maintaining the company profitability.

Radii Rewards creates initiatives which deliver well-balanced benefits to both, and thereby builds long-term customer loyalty. With our modern-day approach of looking at consumer loyalty, we are able to build differentiators and fruitfully reward consumers for their brand appreciation and advocacy.

    Key objectives of a consumer loyalty program are –

  • Consumer delight and wow
  • Customer pull
  • Repeat customers and referral business
  • Long term loyalty and brand attachment

Employee Loyalty

Employees are the lifeline of an organization and are custodians of its culture and imagery. Gratifying and motivating employees is an integral part of the organisation’s goals and objectives. Happy teams make happy customers.

Radii Rewards builds employee reward and recognition programs and initiatives, which can make your employees, feel special and valued in the organization. Building employee satisfaction is imperative to the ogranisation and these programs are critical to maximizing the employee satisfaction while minimizing company efforts.

    Key objectives of an employee loyalty program are –

  • Building and measuring employee satisfaction
  • Tracking employee performance
  • Building a cohesive and transparent organisational culture