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Trade and Travel Agency Engagement Programs for Travel Related Companies

The primary trade partners for travel related companies are travel agents

Travel agents are the target of various travel service providers including

  1. Airlines
  2. Hotels
  3. Travel facilitation partners
  4. Interpreters
  5. Guides
  6. Ground transportation
  7. Excursion agents
  8. Technology providers
  9. Other service providers like travel insurance, foreign exchange and phone cards
  10. Tourism promotion bodies

Travel agency margins are thin and getting thinner. Costs of doing business are high. Competition from online portals is high. The entry of new businesses in this space has slowed down

So, what should be the focus of travel agent engagement to be done by a travel services company that falls in one of the categories above?

Wining and dining apart, the focus can be on helping the travel agent build their business. Get them new business using the marketing dollars that may otherwise be spent on giving rewards and incentives. This will help connect with the travel agency on an emotional front, leading to higher loyalty

There are many ways to help the business of travel agents and as a brand that wishes to engage with travel agents you may want to use one of these methods

  1. Build a travel agent engagement program that has clear communication objectives for each sales visit. And in between sales visits, get the sales team to be able to stay in touch with the travel agent
  2. Create a program that will drive business to the travel agent. This could be through brand alliances, marketing support and lead generation activities
  3. Give the travel agent tools to engage better with their customers to get repeat purchases
  4. Give the travel agent technology and capability to reduce their costs
  5. Create online digital assets that can drive traffic to the travel agent. For example an online resource guide for consumers that features the travel agencies in detail

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